Narrative description of Project:

Since 2017, we conduct road condition surveys and inventory for the city of Jerusalem (every 3 years). The city has more then 2500 km-lanes roads. every year, we analyze the city's condition and provide a work plan for the next year, and 5 years strategic plan.

Video survey consists of 5 cameras- 3 Right of Way and two for survey of road distress.
MANAM developed a unique urban PMS module for the city of Jerusalem: Methodology (engineering and economic), software. We developed a PMS module (GIS env., data tables, software architecture, models-traffic, deterioration, decision tree, economic etc.).
After 2019 surveys were done we imported the data into the PMS module, analyzed the collected data of the road network, created work plan for the year of 2020 and strategic work plan (multi-year scenarios) for 2020-2024.