WB | Kaduna, Nigeria

Narrative description of Project:
client: World Bank/ Kaduna state (Nigeria)

Data collected: Video right of way, Roughness, structural evaluation (FWD, cores) Total of 3000 km survey, traffic counts. Video survey consists of 4 cameras- 3 Right of Way and one at the rear for survey of distress.
PMS/BMS implementation: (pavement management system) module for the a unique Methodology (engineering and economic) that includes ease of use and support HDM4 protocols. We implemented a PMS and BMS modules (both with GIS environment, data tables, software architecture, models-traffic, deterioration, engineering decision tree, economic analysis (BC/MBC) and more).
Network Analysis: After surveys finished, we import the data into the PMS module; analyzed the collected data of the road network, created a detailed rehabilitation work plan and strategic workplan (the next 5 years).

Knowledge transfer/Capacity building: we set a server and a room with 6 stations with MANAM PMS/BMS installed3 days course for the local team to operate the PMS/BMS modules. later we did online support and additional visits annually.