Manam Applications Ltd develops leading software solutions for Inspection & Road/Bridge Network Management. Our state-of-the-art solutions provide breakthrough technologies to inspect bridges/structures and roads and support intelligent management of big-scale road/bridge networks, thus to reduce significantly maintenance costs, and increase network capacity, life span and safety.


Manam Applications Ltd located in Caesarea, Israel is a software company. We provide advanced solutions and services for condition inspections and data analysis and economic- engineering insights for infrastructures and road networks:

  1. Bridge Condition Inspections- drone based inspections, digital twin creation, 3D studio analysis, Insights, recommendations 

  2. Road condition Inspections- road survey unit, data and network analysis, rehabilitation plans

  3. Quality Control Management Systems- smart recording (2D/3D) of your project during construction (both QC/QA).

Our team owns unique capabilities and consists experts in various fields: Civil Engineering, Code/Algorithmic- Software engineers, Mathematics, GIS (Geographers), IT (Information Technology), Field Surveyors. 

Manam has been doing bridge and road and surveys with advance drones, RSU (road survey unit)  and sensors (location based- DGPS, DMI, multi HD cameras, Lasers, LIDAR) in the collection of road and bridge networks for the last 10 years. 

Our clients include both leading national and international firms: Israeli DOT (Department of Transportation “Netivey-Israel”), IDF/IAF, Israel Railway, Municipalities of Tel-Aviv, Jerusalem and others, Reno, Nevada (RTC Washoe), Nevada DOT, World Bank (Africa, Asia), Ashtrom, TAHAL Engineers, RCC Nigeria, SBI (Solel Bone international) and many more.


3D Defect analysis studio & Web Portal

Drone's (small UAV) capabilities are the quantum leap in surveying and inspection technology, enabling the collection of highly accurate field data, using a wide range of sensors for data acquisition. Loyal to our promise “Advanced Engineering Solutions”; Our team developed in the last three years new "deep technologies" for the civil engineering industry

Drone based Bridge Inspection & 3D Defects Analysis- Manam develop a breakthrough technology which integrates autonomous Drone (UAV) bridge survey, 3D studio for Bridge defects analysis and BMS (Bridge Management System), to enable efficient, intelligent, fast & simple processes to inspect and easily maintain bridge structures throughout the US & North America and worldwide.

The technology has been registered with the US Patent Office "US Patent Pending No. 62/502,680". 

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Bridge Routine Inspection- Full coverage of a 630m bridge long, using COTS Drones

Manam and AVISIGHT (UAV operator, NV ) team; completed a drone based bridge inspection for Nevada DOT (Dept. of Transportation); mostly using automated flight plans. In the Below deck  (GPS denial areas) we did manual drone based inspections.

We succeed to deliver full coverage of the Tillman Bridge above the Colorado River.  We used only COTS (of the shelf) drones, in this case DJI-P4A, MAVIC-2-Enterprise, both 20MP, 360 deg. cameras

We used unique techniques we developed in the last 3 years of R&D; to create Automatic "Flight plans" (DH software), and trained AVISIGHT's team for future surveys.

We are analyzing the bridge defects using our own propriety Manam 3DBIA Studio.


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