Gilad Shloosh

CEO, Founder

Eng. Gilad Shloosh has worked in the area of pavement engineering, soil for transportation facilities and GIS since 1997. He has been involved in projects dealing with Design, Rehabilitation, Construction, Supervision, Maintenance Management and Structural Evaluation of highway, airport pavements and railway, Management and supervision of paving projects and with paving materials, asphalt technology and implementation of QC/QA in transportation projects.
Since 2000, Eng. Shloosh is the chief expert advisor to the Israeli DOT Department of transport in the field of pavement design and PMS. He served as a consultant on many projects, including in the construction of Israel's main routes.

Eng. Shloosh is well known in Israel as a "PMS & GIS" expert for the development and implementation using different models and tools for the establishment of pavement management systems. He had developed civil software in the Geotechnical, PMS, QC/QA, FWD, project-Management fields. Lately, he is developed a new PMS model, which incorporates GIS software, for the Israeli DOT, and includes long term methodology and algorithms for the execution of optimum investment plans at the interurban network levels.

Eng. Shloosh is a graduate advanced studies in professional GIS. He also lectures at the Israeli Academy in the fields of Pavement design, PMS,QC/QA etc.